Newgen’s Fraud Prevention solution detects and prevents online fraud in real-time. Our Fraud Prevention technology utilizes machine learning, predictive analytics & business rule algorithms to provide instant decisions on transactions.

Machine Learning

Newgen’s Fraud Prevention engine utilizes machine learning to fine-tune our business rule and decision tree algorithms, effectively learning and adapting to transaction trends. This enables us to safeguard our merchants against ever-evolving fraud attack vectors – learning and acting in real-time to incoming payment transactions.

Business Rule Algorithms

Effective fraud prevention is only possible with the collaboration of machine intelligence and human expertise. Our solution generates business rules based on input from our fraud experts and machine learning classifiers. These rules adapt with time to provide better fraud detection accuracy and efficacy for each merchant and industry vertical.

Dynamic Risk Score

Our Fraud Prevention engine calculates risk scores in real time to identify high-risk transactions. These risk scores incorporate merchant activated checks, user history, and transaction signals, being dynamic to each industry domain and customer profile. The engine utilizes these risk scores in its decision tree algorithms to validate all incoming transactions.

Device Fingerprinting

Online fraudsters keep on changing their identities, devices, IPs and locations. Newgen’s fraud prevention solution uniquely identifies and tracks every device and browser that accesses your E-Commerce website. Multiple devices can be mapped to user profiles to keep track of good and bad users across platforms.

IP Geofencing

We utilize IP geofencing to create a virtual boundary for real geographical regions around customers’ current locations. This qualifies the customer’s movement between their previous and current location within the time period since their last transaction activity to identify invalid transactions and also filters those transactions from possible attack origins.

Transaction Velocity

Our solution monitors the average transaction velocity (number of transactions during a given period of time) for each customer/IP and provides customizable transaction limits and velocity checks. It also allows merchants to define different actions when a threshold is reached, such as denying excessive transactions or blacklisting users with abnormal behavior.

Proxy Detection

E-Commerce merchants are prone to proxy/VPN-based fraud attacks, which allow fraudsters to bypass velocity checks and geofencing checks. Newgen’s Fraud Prevention solution analyses each IP to identify TOR or proxy usage, as well as the global reputation of the IPs, safeguarding merchants from fraudsters hiding behind multiple fake identities.

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